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Our Products:

Honey Oil is pure, organic, CO2 extracted cannabis oil

Honey Oil

Honey oil is the basis of all of our products. It is our exclusive blend of pure cannabis oil, a product of CO2 extraction. Our organic honey oil is used to infuse our CannaTabs, as well as several popular edible and topical products on the market today.

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Cannatabs are sublingual cannabis tabs for MMJ patients


With 20 to 25mg per Tab, these sublingual tablets are perfect for managing your symptoms throughout the day. Each batch of tablets is tested at CannaLabs, and the results are printed on the package for accurate dosing information.

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A perfect dose with every puff

Vape Cartridge

The Vape Cartridge is designed for accurate and consistent dosing. Each specially formulated cartridge is filled with 50mgs of active cannabinoids and provides approx. 100 puffs. The utilization of CO2 extracted cannabis oil ensures quality. The single piece cartridge incorporates the atomizer, allowing for maximum vapor. Designed specifically for MedaVape, but can also be used in other 510 style vaporizers on the market.


OpenVape Pen

Open Vape

It's what's inside that counts. Your O.pen cartridge is filled with strain specific ™ C02 extracted Honey Oil, with a new atomizer in every cartridge. Its simple and discreet, with no buttons, dials, or odor. The O.pen is automatic and shuts off in 8 seconds for the "Perfect Puff", and comes with a lifetime warranty.